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What is a whitepaper?

What is a Whitepaper? A whitepaper describes what a project / ICO is about, what problem needs to be solved, what the short and long term goals are, and how they plan to achieve these goals. Even Bitcoin and Ethereum once started with a whitepaper. In fact, the whitepaper phenomenon has been commonplace in the technology and business worlds for many decades. Therefore, the whitepaper is the document you should [...]

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What is an ICO and what is an IEO?

What is an ICO and what is an IEO?ICO stands for 'initial coin offering,' which means as the first coin release. IEO stands for "initial exchange offering.An ICO is basically the crypto version of crowdfunding. As an investor, you buy tokens from a blockchain startup. If the startup becomes successful, your coins can become worth more. An IEO is pretty much the same, only the crowdfund is organized through an [...]

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