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Matthew Ekroth, from Morgan Stanley to Blockchain

Matthew Ekroth, from Morgan Stanley to Blockchain Brickken is pleased to announce our new Senior Advisor, Matt Ekroth. Matt's background and career are incredibly exciting and he has a wealth of experience to bring to Brickken. He has previously worked at some of the most important financial institutions globally before starting his own firm Green Edge advisors. Matt will be an anchor reference to financial matters at Brickken which [...]

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Nick Szabo, the Man behind the Smart Contracts

Nick Szabo, the Man Behind Smart Contracts and moreWhether you’re a full-fledged crypto expert or just starting out you need to know the name of Nick Szabo. If you haven't, don't worry, today is your lucky day. You will know all about Nick Szabo after reading this blog.He may not be as famous as Vitalik Buterin or Satoshi Nakamoto. But as far as the cryptoverse is concerned, he is close [...]

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Vitalik Buterin – The Founder of Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin - The founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin is the mastermind behind the Ethereum network (learn more about Ethereum in this post). But who is actually the person Vitalik Buterin? Read all about the prodigy who made Ethereum so successful here. The childhood of Buterin Vitalik Buterin was born in Kolomma, a Russian city near Moscow. At age six, he emigrated with his parents to Canada. It soon [...]

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What is Ethereum?

What is Ethereum? Ethereum is a decentralized platform that uses the blockchain technology invented by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Despite the fact that Ethereum and Bitcoin share many similarities, they are also vastly different in fundamental terms. What is Ethereum? Whereas Bitcoin has found a way to transfer value in a digital way, directly from person to person, Ethereum takes a different tack. The Ethereum network is intended to be [...]

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Satoshi Nakamoto, the Father of Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the Father of BitcoinIf you have invested in crypto you may have heard the name Satoshi Nakamoto before. If not, the term satoshis probably not unfamiliar to you. But how much do we really know about this mysterious Nakamoto and what part does he play in crypto developments? Find out everything you need to know about Satoshi Nakamoto in this post!Financial RevolutionThe end of 2008 was a milestone [...]

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Everything you need to know about Crypto Staking

Everything you need to know about Crypto Staking Staking and Proof-of-Stake are two terms (more about all crypto terms you need to know here) you'll come across a lot in the world of crypto currencies. Below is a summary of the main characteristics: What is Staking Staking is the process by which a token holder of an underlying asset receives income in the form of Staking rewards. Before you [...]

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4 Ways for companies to raise capital

4 Ways for Companies to Raise Capital Companies have now more options than ever to raise funding and go public. Traditionally the only way was to successfully launch an Initial Public Offering or IPO in the stock market. However, nowadays, new forms of funding have emerged. These are direct listings, SPACs and, more recently, tokenization. In this article we will briefly touch on each on them explaining what they [...]

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Crypto Airdrop Explained

Crypto Airdrop Explained What exactly is an airdrop? And what can I do with it? In this article we explain what airdrops are and their characteristics. However, we advise you to read until the end because, if you end up liking the airdrops, we have an easter egg waiting for you! Airdrop from Apple is familiar to most of us. A smart functionality to wirelessly send documents, photos, videos, [...]

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The Cryptoverse, more than just Digital Money

The Cryptoverse, more than just Digital Money Not all Crypto assets are created to perform the function of a currency, hence ‘Crypto Currency’ can be somewhat misleading. Today we summarise the predominant fundamental characteristics behind seventeen of the most popular crypto assets. But first, let us address the history behind why these assets and currencies exist: Generally, a cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed as an alternative medium of exchange [...]

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dApps – What are they?

dApps - What are they? dApps stands for "decentralized applications" and in this article you will get a clear explanation of what they are and what developments they will bring about. What are dApps? Decentralized applications can be thought of as the software of the blockchain. We now know software programs such as Microsoft Word, McAfee virus scanner and, for example, the game FIFA 2021. Software is actually a package [...]

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