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Invest in Startups.2022-12-13T15:38:28+00:00

Brickken, opening new markets to the world

Traditionally, it is complicated to invest in Startups, as it essentially requires large capital.

Our blockchain-based platform makes it much easier through Security Token Offerings.




Brickken finds the Startup

We look for the best investment opportunities in the market. The objective is to find startups that can yield high returns for investors.



STO Launch & Token Listing

Once the startup is found by Brickken, it will issue a Security Token Offering and list the token on the platform allowing you to invest in the opportunity.





Startup Performance Monitoring

Brickken, on your behalf, handles all the legality needed, and monitors the performance of the startup.



Receive Dividends

Start receiving the earnings generated from the performance of the Startup proportionally to your token balance.



What is Tokenization ?

We divide businesses and assets into tokens of equal rights and value, which can be purchased by anyone, at any time.

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Amazing features,
making it even easier for you !

Easy Capital Deposit

Use the “Deposits & Movements” page to deposit your starting capital, and monitor your transaction history. You can deposit fiat or crypto to start your investment journey.

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Browse Available Tokens

Use the “Assets” page to browse all the listed tokens with Brickken (with both open & closed sales status).

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Browse & Buy Tokens on Sale

Use the “Sales” page to explore the Tokens for Sale, learn more about each one and start buying your favorite(s) one(s).

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Trade Listed Tokens

Use the “Trade” page to browse the token pairs available and start trading your held tokens for other tokens listed in Brickken.

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Earn the Voting Power

Participate in the decision making polls created by the token issuer according to your token balance, and earn voting power inside the tokenized business.

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Mobile-friendly Platform

Our platform’s responsive design allows you to use it from the different devices, including mobiles.

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Invest with Trust

Legally Compliant
by SSL
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Who can invest through Brickken?2021-04-03T10:10:58+00:00

Everyone can invest through Brickken. Whether you are a qualified investor, a retail one, or even a company we will be happy to guide you to ensure you understand everything.

What is a Token?2021-07-23T12:24:04+00:00

A token is a digital representation of security, right, or utility. A token can represent the share capital of a company, the right to collect a portion of a loan, etc. It is registered on the blockchain and ensures that all token transactions that occur between people or entities are recorded.

Are Security Token Offerings Legal?2021-04-02T19:42:59+00:00

Yes they are, and they must be compliant per the laws of the country where they are issued. Brickken studies the legality of each project before making an issuance. For example, in Spain, all Security Token Offerings, must have a whitepaper issued by an official Financial Advice Company, and registered before the Spanish National Stock Market Commission. Legality will always come first for Brickken.

How can I open a Brickken account and pass the KYC?2021-07-23T12:13:02+00:00

To start, submit an application on the website, or in the app. Once you have created an account, you will have to pass our KYC (watch this video).

When will I know if my application has been successful?2021-04-02T19:26:22+00:00

The review process begins as soon as you submit your application. In the days following, you’ll receive an email either confirming your application status or asking for a bit more information. If we request a document to verify your identity, please give us 5–7 days to review the materials. During periods of high volume, it might take us a little longer than usual to review your information—we appreciate your patience.

What are the payment methods?2021-09-17T15:02:57+00:00

You will pay for your tokens via Fiat or Crypto. Your investment will be held by an independent, fully regulated entity, who will protect your deposit over the duration of the token fundraise.

Why using blockchain?2021-04-02T19:25:53+00:00

Blockchain technology is evidence. Its level of security allows any information recorded within it to be opposable to a third party. In our field of activity, this makes it possible to completely eliminate paper, which was the only form of evidence until now. Our platform therefore allows exchanges with a level of fluidity and confidentiality never before achieved.

What tokens do you receive when you buy through Brickken?2021-04-02T19:23:09+00:00

We use ERC-20 tokens, which is the main standard in blockchain for security tokens. We mantain your tokens inside our private blockchain, and you can transfer them out to another private wallet of your choosing at any time.

Where are my tokens stored?2021-04-03T09:55:22+00:00

Brickken creates a private wallet for each of its users. During the account creation, the user creates its own private key associated to its password, and in no form or manner Brickken has access to this private key. In case the user loses its private key, the account may be recovered through the seed phrase which the user must safeguard at all times. If the user has also lost its seed phrase, his account is lost forever, and must immediately contact hello@brickken.com for further support. You can transfer your ERC-20 tokens to another private wallet outside of Brickken at any time.

How often do I receive dividends?2021-04-02T19:25:37+00:00

Dividend or income distributions are specific to each investment and are explained in the whitepaper of each investment. Depending on the investment and the token you invest in, dividends may be paid out monthly, quarterly, biannually, etc., or reinvested into the company.

When can I cash out my first dividends?2021-04-03T10:30:07+00:00

Once you receive your dividends you can cash them out at any time. You can track and withdraw your dividends from your Brickken profile directly into the wallet of your choosing. Dividends will be paid to your wallet in EURO. We are currently developing getting paid in $USDC / $DAI, so you can transferred them to a private wallet of your choosing, and exchange to fiat at any time through your preferred broker/agent.

What happens if a token placement does not reach its soft cap?2021-04-02T19:25:20+00:00

The soft cap is the minimum capital that must be raised for the token placement to go ahead. Brickken will never hold your capital and it will be stored at an independent third-party provider that is fully regulated by the Bank of Spain in case of the issuance made of Spain, or in the corresponding organism in other countries. If the soft cap is not reached, all the capital held by the third party will be fully reimbursed back to your account, at no extra cost.

In the event of a resale of my tokens, what is the resale price based on?2021-04-02T19:25:07+00:00

The token price will be based on supply and demand on decentralized trading platforms and/or exchanges allowing international trading of Tokens. Brickken does not guarantee that the sale price would be equal or higher to the purchase price.

In the event of a resale of my tokens, are there any costs?2021-04-02T19:24:56+00:00

There are blockchain fees, and commission fees to cover for platform maintenance (small %).

Am I liable if my co-token holders are linked to fraudulent activity?2021-04-02T19:24:48+00:00

Fraudulent activity will NOT be tolerated at Brickken. We ensure a careful verification of each file through our KYC (Know Your Client) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) process. Should we see any doubtful activity, we will notify immediately to the relevant authority. In any case, you are not responsible for the activities of other token holders as stipulated in the terms and conditions or the corresponding documents you have to sign as a token holder for each investment opportunity.

What are my risks when investing?2021-04-03T10:57:55+00:00

The goal of the Brickken team is to bring you great investment opportunities. However, all investments carry risks. The list below shows typical risks you assume as an investor. The list is not exhaustive and other risks may arise. Each investment opportunity will have a white paper associated that will cover the opportunity’s associated risks. Please make sure you read each white paper carefully.

Typical investment risks:

DEFAULT RISK: an investment in a company can result in the loss of 100% of the capital if the company goes bankrupt.

LIQUIDITY RISK: A partner wishing to sell his tokens may not find a buyer.

ECONMIC RISK: the fluctuation of the economic cycle can be harmful to a company’s activity. For instance, if there is an economic recession, certain sectors of the economy may suffer more than others.

UNEXPECTED EVENTS: also known as “black swans” in financial jargon. These are events that are unforeseen and that have massive negative implications. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic brought economic havoc to many sectors. One example is the air industry that saw global flight travelling entirely halted for many months.

CASH RISK: The available cash could be insufficient to meet the commitments.

RENTAL RISK: in the case of investments in real estate, an extended vacancy of one or more lots could result in a reduction of the return on the investment as distributions are delayed.

WORK RISK: in the case of investments in real estate, should there be a need to take unexpected construction works, these costs would have to be assumed by the property’s cash flows, reducing the return on the investment.

INSURANCE RISK: also in the case of investments in real estate, the insurance taken out could not fully cover damage to the property.

PROPERTY INTEGRITY RISK: The total or partial destruction of the building could cause a loss of the investment.

The User acknowledges being aware that the subscription of financial securities issued by young unlisted companies presents a high risk of loss of invested capital and lack of liquidity. Under no circumstances can Brickken be held responsible for any losses that may result from a subscription made through the platform.

What is the tax for this type of income?2021-04-02T19:24:28+00:00

Each investor is solely responsible of their tax treatment and responsible to ensure she/he complies with the tax laws of her/his country. Brickken will not be liable and will be held harmless by the investor for issues arising from an investors tax responsibility.

Is it possible to lose more than your investment?2021-04-02T19:24:11+00:00

No. Investing is a risky activity where up to 100% of the capital invested can be lost. There are external costs outside of the scope of Brickken’s services that could result in additional loses to investors, i.e. if an investor has borrowed money to invest she/he may incur additional costs.

Can a company invest?2021-04-02T19:23:57+00:00

Yes, it must provide different documents: identity document of the managing director or the person with enough Powers of Attorney, financial documents, as well as the identification documents of the partners holding more than 10% of the company. Contact us for more information at hello@brickken.com.

How to sell the tokens?2021-04-02T19:42:17+00:00

Each investor will have the possibility at any time to sell the tokens he holds in accordance with the whitepaper provided for each project. You can also sell your tokens inside the platform of Brickken, or if you have taken out your tokens of the platform in a secondary market in a blockchain.

I want to create a Security Token Offering, how should I proceed?2021-04-02T19:42:44+00:00

If you have a project you would like to tokenize, please review our Asset Owners page, and / or contact sales@brickken.com for further information. We would love to hear about your project!

How can I get my questions answered?2021-04-03T11:17:44+00:00

The best way to get your Brickken-related questions answered is to email us at hello@brickken.com. We’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have.


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