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Blockchain: Whats with the Hype?

Blockchain - Whats with all the Hype? The Introduction Every so often there comes a disruptive technology that sends shockwaves through the status quo. From the initial iterations of the very familiar Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) of the 1970s to DNA testing and sequencing of the past few decades, as well as the significant strides that the Internet has made since the early ‘80s – each of which have [...]

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Tokenized Asset: What are they and how does it work?

Tokenized Assets: What are They, and how are They Regulated? Critical aspects of assets tokenization The advent of Bitcoin opened up a new way of issuing, managing, and transacting investments and assets. The technology behind the world's first cryptocurrency, blockchain, is a distributed ledger technology that opens the floodgates to a myriad of ways to invest. Blockchain will fit the financial landscape and allow an asset to be easily [...]

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Brickken Ambassador Program

The Brickken Ambassador Program “With Web 2, we were building communities on platforms. With Web 3, the communities are the platforms. In Web2, communities were there in support of an idea or product, in web3 they are an integrated part of it. Not just united with it, but actively involved in the solution and contribution to it” Web 3, the new tWide Web iteration incorporating concepts of Decentralisation, Blockchain [...]

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Understanding the Rationale Behind Tokenization

Understanding the Rationale Behind Tokenization The world of blockchain and the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem as we currently see it, continues to drastically evolve at an exponential rate – but why is this? Well firstly, we should understand that the current infrastructure could be viewed as the “Wild Wild West”, whereby anything and everything goes, within reason of course. When compared to the more recognizable and traditional financial industry, the [...]

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How Tokenized Securities Complement Lacking Trust

How Tokenized Securities complement lacking Trust Trust, a buzzword continuously recurring in blockchain circles. A word that permeates everything from peer-to-peer interactions to the global financial and political systems. A meaning that is of significant value for the world to function, with real-world consequences emerging whenever trust is low or broken. Blockchain advocates, however, like to argue that it is one of the technology's core features. How the necessity [...]

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Effects of Regulations on Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets

The effects of regulations on cryptocurrency and digital assets Cryptocurrency regulation is one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency industry. When it comes to trading stocks, investors know what to expect. Regulations in this industry are clear, protecting investors from fraud and other risks. However, when it comes to cryptocurrency, the regulations are yet to be put in place. Furthermore, stakeholders in the market have divided opinions regarding [...]

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The Brickken Expert Ecosystem

The Brickken Expert Ecosystem Brickken provides a full management solution not only to issue Security Tokens but also for asset management and issuer/investor relation. Before the stage of managing and maintaining all this, there is a process of not only creating the actual Security Tokens but also various other aspects very similar to traditional Finance (TradFi). As Brickken only provides the infrastructure and tech, a solution is introduced to [...]

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How do you build a Security Token?

How do you build a Security Token? Ethereum Request for Comment, or ERC as most people know it, is a document that builders use to write Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. These documents decide upon rules that various Ethereum-based tokens should comply with. Standards are extremely important when building all the apps, UIs and services related to the smart contracts. The main reason is that standards unify programmers [...]

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Gartner Hype Cycle brings about a good prediction for Tokenization

Gartner Hype Cycle brings about a good prediction for Tokenization Gartner Inc, known by many as a leading research firm in the technology sector, just published this year’s edition of the Hype Cycle for Blockchain and Web3. This is an article featuring everything across the blockchain and the Web3 spectrum, from CBDCs and the Metaverse to DAOs, dApps, and of course Tokenization. Hype Cycles The article is centered around [...]

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Happy Birthday, Ethereum!

Happy Birthday, Ethereum! This week marks 7 years since the creation of one of the largest Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum. But the idea dates back to a 20-year-old young Vitalik Buterin and his introduction of the initial whitepaper draft in late 2013 at the annual North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. It was there he was to meet his future Co-Founders, all of which are deeply integrated with the ecosystem today. [...]

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