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What is a whitepaper?

What is a Whitepaper? A whitepaper describes what a project / ICO is about, what problem needs to be solved, what the short and long term goals are, and how they plan to achieve these goals. Even Bitcoin and Ethereum once started with a whitepaper. In fact, the whitepaper phenomenon has been commonplace in the technology and business worlds for many decades. Therefore, the whitepaper is the document you should [...]

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Blockchain: a Comprehensive Explanation

Blockchain: a Comprenhensive Explanation Blockchain: it has been called the most revolutionary technology since the Internet. It has the potential to drastically change our daily lives. It has the potential to turn the status quo completely upside down and replace all intermediaries and agencies. The only drawback? Nobody really understands it yet. Fortunately, after reading this post you will be able to explain to everyone in simple language what [...]

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Spanish Circular X/2021 (Publicity and Crypto Assets)

Spanish Circular X/2021 (Publicity and Crypto Assets) Just three months after Spanish Royal Decree-Law 5/2021 on extraordinary measures to support business solvency in response to the Covid-19 pandemic granted the Spanish Securities & Exchange Commission powers to supervise and evaluate the authorization of crypto asset advertising, it is at this time when the Circular X / 2021 project is submitted to public consultation in order to "develop the rules, [...]

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El Salvador, taking off with its Bitcoin Law.

El Salvador, taking off with its Bitcoin Law The prophecy has been fulfilled, the DeFi believers saw the first step of the regulation of Bitcoin as legal tender in Latin America materialize. It has been President Nayib Bukele who has promoted the first antecedent of Law for the legal course of a cryptocurrency with the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador. Although the news has divided opinions, it is inevitable [...]

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What is an ICO and what is an IEO?

What is an ICO and what is an IEO?ICO stands for 'initial coin offering,' which means as the first coin release. IEO stands for "initial exchange offering.An ICO is basically the crypto version of crowdfunding. As an investor, you buy tokens from a blockchain startup. If the startup becomes successful, your coins can become worth more. An IEO is pretty much the same, only the crowdfund is organized through an [...]

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Tokenization for a Better World

Tokenization for a better world Blockchain technology could play a major role in impact investing, says the World Economic Forum. Impact investing refers to those investments that have a social or environmental purpose. Blockchain technology can provide greater security in the storage, management and transfer of information and things of financial value. The World Economic Forum is a proponent of using blockchain technology in impact investing, but there [...]

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Blockchain is the Lifeline for Asset Managers

Blockchain is the lifeline for asset managers Blockchain is more than just bitcoin. For asset managers and wealth managers, the technology offers many opportunities. Blockchain seems to have come at exactly the right time for the investment industry. Asset managers are under increasing pressure to reduce their fees due to the rise of passive investing and robo-advisors. According to research by the American Investment Company Institute (ICI), the average [...]

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Tokenization is Investing in Everything for Everyone

Tokenization is investing in everything for everyone Cryptos, like bitcoin, are a precursor to something much bigger: turning poorly tradeable alternative investments into digital currency for all. But first, what are alternative investments? what do windmills, paintings, office towers, hedge funds, start-ups and building land have in common? They are all forms of so-called alternative investments. Unlike stocks, these "alternatives" are difficult to trade, and yet their popularity is [...]

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Asset Tokenization Unleashes Investment Revolution

Asset tokenization unleashes investment revolution Tokenization of real assets will shake up the investment world. All investments will become liquid. Today we talk about the arrival of a new investment market with a size of 256 trillion dollars. Not every investor realizes it, but we are on the eve of a revolution in the investment world, one that may go even further than the opening of the Nasdaq in [...]

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Real Estate and Tokenization

The real estate industry is ready for tokenizationOne of the industries where tokenization will soon change the rules of the game is in the real estate industry. By using blockchain, it is possible to tokenize houses, apartments, properties and represent them on blockchain.This will shake up the real estate market and inevitably change the traditional way of doing things. Blockchain has great potential, as it builds trust and helps shape [...]

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