Brickken selected as the Spanish Start-up to join Lefebvre – Lightspeed acceleration program

Lightspeed is the world first accelerator focused on legal and legal-focused startups in France, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Last Friday (23/04/2021) Brickken was selected as the Spanish startup to participate by the jury members José Angel Sandín, CEO of Lefebvre; Market Directors María de la O Martínez and Alberto Larrondo, the coordinator of LightSpeed in Spain, Liliana Tamayo, Camille Sztejnhorn and Mathieu Bouillon.

The first edition of Lightspeed had a total of 58 candidates with 15 coming from Spain. “In Spain, we chose Brickken because of the combination between the disruption of its value proposition, the team, it’s vision and because blockchain is a technology that we think has a long way to go” says Liliana Tamayo, head of Innovation at Lefebvre and of Lefebvre-Sarrut’s Lightspeed project in Spain. “And we want to accompany Brickken on this path,” concludes Tamayo

The selected startups will participate in a 6 months program that will include mentoring with local and European experts from the Lefebvre Sarrut group and the industry, workshops, workshops and monthly focus groups.

After learning of the selection, Edwin Mata, CEO and founder of Brickken has indicated that “being able to belong to this acceleration program, led by one of the main players in the legal sector like Lefebvre is a reaffirmation of what we are trying to achieve through tokenization and blockchain, and is a great incentive to continue innovating”. “Our main value is our expertise in being able to perform tokenizations of various kinds through financial instruments, Security Tokens, and Utility Tokens, which can be exchanged for products and services. In addition, we are developing our NFTs service, which allows us to demonstrate authorship and uniqueness. Their use may represent a change in how we perceive ownership, its inherent rights and its transferability,” concludes Brickken’s CEO and CoFounder.

Brickken is honored to be part again of such a prestigious accelerator program and would like to express our gratitude to everyone at Lefebrve. We’re excited to get started and write a success story together!

We wish the best to our fellow start-ups selected for the lightspeed accelerator program: myCo (France), COP (Italy), Nalantis (Belgium), Skopos (The Netherlands) and Droits Quotidiens Legal Tech (Belgium and France)

Join Brickken and let’s tokenize the world!

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