Who are we ?

BRICKKEN is a tokenization solution offered by Brick Token, S.L., an entity with its registered office in Llacuna Street #162, 308 (Barcelona), 08018, having as official email address hello@brickken.com. Brick Token, S.L. is a limited company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Spain, with Spanish VAT number B67557603.


Our mission statement is to help asset owners around the world raise decentralised funding utilising blockchain-based technology, giving individuals and businesses the chance to generate passive revenue. Brickken is providing the tools needed to tokenize the world. 


We aim to standardize the process by which asset tokenization and tokenization services across the globe are executed and facilitate tokenization through Brickken’s decentralized application (dApp). We believe in a decentralised and tokenized world. 



We protect information and ensure ownership privacy while providing reporting and auditing tools.


We established a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) process to ensure that individuals and businesses can’t issue security tokens without an authenticated identity. A KYC process will also be required to be able to purchase and transact, security tokens.


We provide a governance structure that allows curation and protects the tokenized assets.


We ensure legally compliant tokenized assets. Our two overriding principles are both Legal and Technological excellence.

Meet the Brickkeneers